Founded in 2005, Capital Conseil offers financing advisory services and assistance for businesses. We help businesses develop an optimal financial and funding structure, and assist entrepreneurs in acquiring loans to finance their projects.

  • Corporate Finance Advisory Services
  • Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Financial Management Assistance (part-time CFO)

Our team members are renowned for their skills and expertise in corporate finance and can guide you through the complexities of getting financing.



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Our mission is to help your business grow by finding and implementing the best financial solutions available. Our team stands out and is inspired by the following values:

  • Integrity

We believe respect, transparency and confidentiality play a crucial role when establishing a relationship of trust with our clients and partners.

  • Passion

Because we want to contribute to the success of your business, we are always innovating and making sure our clients are benefitting from our knowledge and expertise.

  • Loyalty

Our team is true to its commitments, demonstrating fairness and objectivity in an effort to offer impeccable service.

Teamwork is at the heart of Capital Conseil’s approach, enabling the continuous sharing of expertise. Our strength is reflected in the success and fulfillment of our mandates.

Funding your business, now that’s Capital!

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Our accomplishments

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At Capital Conseil, we continuously share our expertise, putting teamwork at the forefront of our approach. Our strength is reflected in our successes and accomplishments.

Why choose Capital Conseil

  • To save time so you can focus on your main business activities
  • For our results-oriented approach
  • For our skills and experience in corporate financing
  • For our negotiating expertise with lenders and investment firms
  • To develop an optimal financial package with the best possible conditions
  • To obtain your financing faster
  • To take advantage of our privileged relationships