Capital Conseil Pharmacie Carole Cyr realisation

Pharmacie Carole Cyr Chose Capital Conseil for the Elaboration of their Business Plan as Well as Their Search for Financing

Nom de l’entreprise : Pharmacie Carole Cyr

Services : Search for financing, business plan

Date : 4 juin 2016


Pharmacie Carole Cyr aims to treat, prevent, educate, and get involved with the community using traditional methods and new technology.


Pharmacie Carole Cyr chose to work with Capital Conseil to:

  • Identify the best sources of financing
  • Get assistance and negotiate with various lenders
  • Save time to allow them to focus on their main activities
  • Optimize their financial package
  • Accelerate their financing


When you decide to make a radical career change and start three companies at the same time at the age of 50, you need help. We had zero experience in seeking financing and so many dreams. Since we like doing things ourselves, we weren’t very keen on the idea of dealing with financing consultants and we were even more concerned about paying fees. Our experience with Capital Conseil turned out to be one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Our consultant was incredibly knowledgeable about the market and extremely patient as he explained and re-explained every detail. The guidance he provided us to make sure we were aware of the facts prevented us from making huge mistakes. Our consultant really impressed us by the quality of his follow-ups and assistance all the way to the very end of the project, and he won our trust. We would definitely work with Capital Conseil again on future projects!


Carole Cyr, Pharmacist